The 2023-2024 Recitals theme is "How Sweet It Is!"      
Dance Xplosion opened 16 years ago. This is a year celebrating our "Sweet 16"!

Friday, May 24 - Sunday, May 26, 2024

All Recitals @ Akins High School
10701 South 1st Street, Austin 78748

Determine Your Dancer's Show Details  *IMPORTANT* 

These classes do not have a Rehearsal at the theater and have their Performance on Saturday, May 25:

*Creative Dane
*Hip Bop
*Intro Ballet/Tap/Jazz
*Intro to Hip Hop

These classes have their required Rehearsal on Friday, May 24 OR Saturday, May 25 and their Performance on Sunday, May 26:

*Level 1 - Level 5 Classes
*Musical Theater
*DXP Teams

Step 1
Show Assignments by Class - determine your dancer's Recital Show

Step 2
Important Days & Times - determine your dancer's Recital days & times (based on their Show)

Step 3
Show Orders - determine when your dancer performs within their Recital Show + what costume to wear upon arrival if in multiple classes 

Backstage Parents

Each class has Backstage Parent volunteers to help with the flow of the show, entertain the kids, etc.

Backstage Parents DO get to watch the performances - we reserve front row seats!

Backstage Parents DO need to attend both Rehearsal & Performance

Backstage Parent Sign-up:

Show A    Show B    Show C    Show D    Show E    Show F  Show G (no BP sign-up)  

Backstage Parent General Info

Recital Costumes

Each class will perform 1 routine with 1 costume.

Exceptions which have 2 routines and 1 costume are:

*Creative Dance for 3-5yr
*Intro Ballet/Tap/Jazz for 5-7yr
*Jazz/Tap 1 for 6-8yr

Costume sheets include details on required shoes, tights & costume elements the dancer is required to provide.

Click your class day link. Then open your individual class's folder.

Monday Costumes

Tuesday Costumes

Wednesday Costumes

Thursday Costumes

Friday Costumes

Saturday Costumes

Recital Hair and Makeup Info

All Level 1+ classes will wear a traditional hair bun for recital

Stage Makeup Instructions

Recital Gifts & Pictures

Recital Shirts Order Form - deadline to order is Saturday, April 29th!

Pictures - we are NOT able to have an official photo co. but we DO have cute photo spots at the theater!

We will have an assortment of gifts available for purchase at the theater!


Review our SCHEDULES to find the perfect dance class! top
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