Registration is designed for students who are 2 - 18 years of age.

Interested students may purchase a one-time "Trial Class" to experience a class before enrolling. Participating in a Trial Class does NOT guarantee a spot in the class. Trial Classes are based on availability and must be reserved prior to the class.


1. Registration can be done in-person at either DXP location, by downloading and submitting the appropriate form below
via fax/scan/email, and ONLINE.

2. Contact DXP if you want help choosing your Class Level. Once classes begin the teacher may feel it is necessary to change a student’s level to best meet her/his needs.

Preschool & Level 1 = age based
Levels Advanced 1&up = prerequisite based
Levels 3&up = by placement audition (contact studio for class options)
Adult Classes = ages 18+ beginner/intermediate level

3. Contact DXP to confirm class availability if not enrolling online.

Fax 512-727-8593  /
*New to DXP?  Submit all 4 pages
*Currently enrolled at DXP?  Submit pages 1-3
*Currently enrolled but contact info changed?  Submit all 4 pages  
  (remember you can also enroll ONLINE)

Summer 2018 Classes
Enrollment OPEN mid-spring 2018
Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 Classes
Enrollment OPEN for all classes
Summer 2018 Camps, Workshops & Intensives
Enrollment OPEN mid-spring 2018
Fall 2017 - Summer 2018 Special Events
Enrollment OPEN all year (based on events)

Summer 2018 High School Class Card
Enrollment OPEN for HS dance teams members

Trial Classes
Trial classes OPEN for Spring 2018

Withdrawal Form
Please email / fax / submit to desk before 1st of the next month

Adult Classes
Currently no adult classes Fall 2017 - Spring 2018



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